Palmetto State Live

Join us for the only live show series in South Carolina!

Palmetto State Live Show began in the late 90's as an annual event held every spring. We have since developed into a series of shows three times annually, enabling model horse enthusiasts in the southeast the opportunity to socialize and display horses in their collection. We hope that you will consider joining us!

Dates for 2024 are:
April 6th
August 17th
October 19th

Show hall is located at:
1918 Shady Grove Road
Irmo, SC 29063

Rules & Entry Information

Please note: Our showhall can accommodate approximately 45 entrants with room to spare, but tables are first come, first served (and there are only 10). If you are a later entrant, you may be requested to provide your own table. We have plenty of chairs, but limited tables. To avoid having to bring your own table, simply enter early. Show hall opens at 8am and show starts at 9:00am. You are welcome to unpack near the front entrance, but please move your vehicle as soon as you can so others may also take advantage of the shortened walking distance. Entry Fee(s): Please note that we do NOT accept Paypal...checks okay up to Earlybird deadlines listed below or US Postal MO okay at all times. YOU MUST PAY IN ADVANCE - NO DAY OF SHOW ENTRIES. In other words, you MUST day of show payments accepted...that’s how we pay for awards & make sure we have enough tables, after all :) 2024 entries: Open Division $65 Open Shower (own table) $58 Youth Shower (own table) $40 Late Fee (if applicable) $10 Sales Space (you provide table) $55 Bringing Extra Table $20 (you provide) Proxy (up to five horses) $5 per horse Judge Discount (for Judges showing) $10 Earlybird deadline to receive above entry fees & avoid late charges: March 6, 2024 for April Show July 18, 2024 for August Show September 20, 2024 for October Show All entries posted after the above dates must include a $10 late fee and be paid via USPS money order only. Please be sure to make payments out to “Lisa Garcia.” Any returned payments are subject to a $45 returned fee. Please note that no refunds will be issued. I'm sorry for those who need to cancel after entering, but once you commit, I correspondingly commit to purchasing awards, raffle items, door prizes, etc. As a result, all show entrants must pay their entry fees directly to me - we do not allow the transferring of tables. This creates a logistical nightmare when we offer Breyer Live Show Benefit models as well as our Palmetto State Futurity Program because only paid entrants qualify and there's a discrepancy as to who the "paid" entrant is. Contact for information & to mail fees: Lisa Garcia PO Box 364 White Rock, SC 29177 803-687-7531 Prizes: Paper/Homemade ribbons through 6th place in all classes. Unique awards for all Champs/Reserves and Overall Champ/Reserves are named in each division. Classes may be split according to judge’s discretion or if entries warrant, per judge’s decision. Don’t worry...we will make certain that classes are divided when necessary. After all, we don’t want any judges pulling their hair out! When classes are split, PLEASE do NOT add more horses to the table. Please note that the list of divisions below are typical of most of our shows. Some shows may or may not have ALL of the divisions listed. OF Plastic Division: Open to ALL original finish types, to include Breyer, Stones, Collecta, etc. Types *will* be split if entries warrant. OF Collectibility Division: YOU MUST HAVE COLLECTABILITY DOCUMENTATION. IF THERE IS NO DOCUMENTATION BY YOUR HORSE, IT WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR COLLECTABILITY. Collectability can be anything from very limited runs, OOAK horses or even “old” style Breyer’s from the 60’s, for example. Not every show has Collectability classes. AR Division: All artist resins/editions, original sculptures and Animal Artistry resins show in this division. Maggie Bennett (and others) pewter micro minis are included in "artist resin" classes and have their own Micro Mini division. CM Division: All customized horses (any maker), to include cold painted chinas, will show in this division. General Info: No horse may show in more than one breed class. Foals may show with adults, if you so choose, when there is no separate foal division. Artist resins and customs show together, unless otherwise specified. Limit of 4 horses per class per shower in any halter class. If you wish to show more horses than the limit allows, please place $1 beside your entry on the show table. Limit 2 entries per performance class (no additional entries allowed). Please be sure to note any other class limits when reviewing the classlist. There will be 6-8 judging rings going simultaneously, but don’t stress...we are laid back! We cannot, however, hold classes if you are trying to show a horse in performance and a breed class. Feel free to bring "extras" for those classes in case your horse cannot make it in time. Multiple Grands/Reserves in each breed division will be named. Most divisions have an "overall" grand/reserve, so keep this in mind if your horse wins a grand during the day. You may wish to leave that horse out and wait for the end of the day Overall to be named. There are benefits to sticking with us until the end :-) There are NO additional fees to enter fun classes! Raffle items will be available & tickets are 1 for $1; 6 for $5; 30 for $20. Your support of the raffle helps make Palmetto State the great show that it is! We DO have a photo booth available for you to take pictures of your champs/reserves - or just to take pictures of your favorite horse(s)! Youth may show in their division only, with the exception of Fun Classes. In the Youth Performance Division - only Breyer tack or tack made by the youth entrant is allowed. Youth may only show regular run mass produced plastic horses (Breyer, Stone, CollectA, etc) or regular run china/resin horses (HR, Breyer porcelains). Breyerfest and similar limited run horses are allowed to be shown by youth entrants as long as the run exceeds 2500 or more. Youth are required to bring their own table. If this presents a problem, please contact show hostess and we will see what arrangements can be made. Show hall has plenty of chairs! We will break for lunch at approximately noon for 1 hour. Show is typically over around 6pm. Tags: String tags or Index cards with the following: Horse’s name, breed, gender & your full initials all on one side (preferred). Don’t go out and re-do all your tags if this isn’t exactly how you have yours...just LMK and we’ll see what we can work out. Other Info: PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone and will not tolerate bad sportsmanship behavior. Entrants will be asked to leave if hostess determines there is drama unfolding. There are hotels in the area if you Google the location. There are various restaurants within a few miles of the show hall...Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, McDonalds, Popeyes, Taco Bell, Little Ceasars, Freddies, Highway 55, San Jose, etc. PLEASE HELP KEEP YOUR AREA TIDY IN THE SHOW HALL! If we do not keep the hall spotless, we will not be allowed to use it in the future. Thank you SO much! Each show in the series will offer something slightly different than the previous show, so ALWAYS be sure to closely review each updated show packet as it comes out! PLEASE EMAIL FOR ENTRY FORM:

Fun Classes, Entrants & Judges!

April 6th Fun Classes 1. Biggest Attitude - rather self explanatory! 2. Schleich Fantasy - This is for those fairies and other creatures 3. Amateur Artist - all work must be done by yourself. Don't be shy...we want to see it! 4.Carousel Animals - Can be horses or any other animal seen on a carousel 5. Poultry - Not just chickens...turkeys, ducks, geese, etc. 6. Dog Pound Rescue - This class is for that dog figurine you rescued at the thrift store/rummage sale or it could even be a portrait of a real pound puppy that you own(ed). The idea is to celebrate rescues because we are their heroes! April 6th Entrants: 1) Amy Simmons 2) Michelle Masters* 3) Jena Hobert 4) Carla Clifford* 5) Ashley Pooch 6) Jada Perrine* 7) Sarah Pooch 8) Alaina Bair 9) Paris Latva 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) ​25) 26) 27) 28) 29) ​30) Judges for April: Collectibility = Michelle Masters OF Plastics Section I = OF Plastics Section II= AR/CM = OF SM = AR/CM SM = Sarah Pooch Performance = Jada Perrine Micros = Katherine Bone ​Fantasy/Oddities = Emmalia Sebusch


Class List OF PLASTICS: OF Plastics Section I Action Sport Breeds 1. Action TB/STB Stallions/Geldings 2. Action TB/STB Mares 3. Action WB/Sport/X Stallions/Geldings 4. Action WB/Sport/X Mares 5. Peter Stone Sport Breeds Standing Sport Breeds 6. Standing TB/STB Stallions/Geldings 7. Standing TB/STB Mares 8. Standing WB/Sport/X Stallions/Geldings 9. Standing WB/Sport/X Mares Champ/Res Sport Breeds Light Breeds 10. Morgan 11. Arab Stallions/Geldings 12. Arab Mares 13. Part Arab (excludes NSH) 14. Other Mixed/Pure Light Breed 15. Peter Stone Light Breeds Champ/Res Light Gaited 16. American Gaited (includes NSH) 17. All Spanish Gaited 18. All Other Gaited (including ponies) 19. Peter Stone Gaited Champ/Res Gaited Light Draft Type 20. Pony Vanners/Cobs 21. All Feathered Cobs (non-pony) 22. Maxi/Light/Heavy/Etc. Cobs 23. Haflinger/Fjord Foals 24. Light/Sport Foals 25. Stock Foals 26. Pony Foals 27. All other foals 28. Peter Stone Foals Champ/Res OF Plastics Foal OF Plastics Section II Spanish/Iberian/Carriage 1. Andalusian/Lusitano 2. Other Mixed/Pure Spanish 3. Carriage Breeds & Mixes 4. Peter Stone Spanish/Iberian Champ/Res Spanish/Carriage Stock Breeds (Solid Colors) 5. QH (S/G) Action 6. QH (S/G) Standing/Walking 7. QH (Mares) Action 8. QH (Mares) Standing/Walking 9. Mustang 10. Other Mix/Pure Stock 11. Peter Stone Solid Stock Champ/Res Solid Color Stock Stock Breeds (Patterned) 12. Appaloosa - S/G 13. Appaloosa - Mares 14. Mustang 15. Paint S/G 16. Paint Mare 17. Other Mix/Pure Colorful Stock 18. Peter Stone Patterned Stock Champ/Res Stock (patterned) Ponies 19. Euro Pony Breeds 20. American Pony Breeds 21. Other Pure/X/Mini Horses 22. Peter Stone Ponies Champ/Res Pony Draft Breeds 23. American Draft Breeds 24. Euro Draft Breeds 25. Mules/Donkeys/Draft X 26. Peter Stone Draft Champ/Res Draft Overall Champ/Res OF Plastics Overall Peter Stone Champ/Res COLLECTIBILITY: PLASTIC & CHINA 1. Hartland Horses 2. Hartland Horse & Rider Sets 3. Hartland Tiny Mites 4. Marx Horses 5. Made in Hong Kong/Japan 6. Breyer Western Horse(clock horse)/Pony/Prancer 7. Breyer Gift Sets (with box) 8. Just About Horses Releases/Presentation Models 9. Fury Prancer (includes rider sets) 10. Sears/JCP Holiday Catalog sets 11. Maureen Love Classic Arabs 12. Maureen Love Classic Thoroughbreds 13. Maureen Love Classic Stock Horses 14. Stablemates in cardboard packaging 15. Raffle horses 16. Test Runs/OOAK Overall Vintage Plastic Champ/Res 17. HR DW Morgans 18. HR DW Arabians 19. HR DW Stock Breeds/Mustangs 20. HR DW Ponies 21. HR DW Gaited Breeds 22. HR DW Drafters/Mules 23. HR DW Other Type not mentioned above 24. Made in Japan 25. Euro Clinkies 26. BHR/Lakeshore Horses 27. Beswick/Melbaware Horses 28. Breyer Porcelain Overall Vintage China Champ/Res FANTASY/ODDITY DIVISION 1. OF Winged Equines 2. OF Equines with Horns 3. OF Cartoon-Type Horses 4. OF Clearware Horses 5. OF Crystal Horses 6. OF “Scene” Equines 7. OF Florentine/Copenhagen Equines 8. OF Gold Charm/Wedgewood Horses 9. OF Woodgrain Equines 10. All Other Unrealistic OF Creations OF Fantasy Champ/Res 11. CM/AR Winged Equines 12. CM/AR Equines with Horns 13. CM/AR Equines with “Scenes” 14. CM/AR Unrealistic Colors 15. CM/AR All Other Unrealistic Creations 16. Fantasy Medallions CM/AR Fantasy Champ/Res 17. Etched Light Breed 18. Etched Pony Breed 19. Etched Draft Breed 20. Etched Stock Breed 21. Etched Sport Breed 22. Etched (all other breeds/mixes) 23. Faux OF Oddity Champ/Res ARTIST RESIN DIVISION: All scales EXCEPT Micro & SM allowed. AR medallions have an overall Champ/Res at end of division. Sport/Driving Breeds & Types 1. TB & Harness Racing Breeds 2. Warmbloods (Purebreds) 3. All Other Sport/WB/crosses 4. Sport/Driving Breeds Medallions Sport Champ/Res Light Breeds 5. Morgan 6. Arab & Part Arab (excludes NSH) 8. Other Mixed/Pure 9. Light Breed Medallions Light Champ/Res Spanish/Iberian/Carriage 10. All Pure & Mixed Spanish/Iberian Breeds 11. Carriage Breeds & mixes of 12. Spanish/Iberian Breed Medallions Spanish/Iberian Champ/Res Stock Breeds 13. QH 14. Appaloosa 15. Paint 16. Other Mixed/Pure/Mustangs 17. Stock Breed Medallions Stock Champ/Res Ponies & Drafters 18. All Ponies & Miniature Horses (pure & mixed) 19. Pony Breed Medallions 20. All Pure Draft Breeds 21. Mixed Draft/All Cobs 22. Draft Breed/Hairy Cob Medallions Pony/Draft Champ/Res Gaited Breeds 23. American Gaited (includes NSH) 24. Other Pure/Spanish/Mixed Gaited 25. Gaited Breed Medallions Gaited Champ/Res Foals 26. All foals 27. Foal Medallions Foal Champ/Res Overall AR Champ/Res Overall Medallion Champ/Res CUSTOM DIVISION: (All scales EXCEPT Micro & SM allowed) Sport/Driving Breeds & Types 1. TB & Harness Racing Breeds 2. Warmbloods (Purebreds) 3. All Other Sport/WB/X Sport Champ/Res Light Breeds 4. Morgan 5. Arab & Part Arab (excludes NSH) 6. Other Mixed/Pure Light Champ/Res Spanish/Iberian/Carriage 7. Andalusian/Lusitano 8. Other Mixed/Pure Spanish/Iberian (Lipizzaners etc.) 9. Carriage Breeds & mixes of Spanish/Iberian Champ/Res Stock Breeds 10. QH 11. Appaloosa 12. All Mustangs 13. Paint 14. Other Mixed/Pure Stock Champ/Res Ponies/Draft 15. All Ponies/Miniature Horses (including mixes) 16. All Pure Draft Breeds 17. Mixed Draft/Longears/All Cobs Pony/Draft Champ/Res Gaited Breeds 18. American Gaited (includes NSH) 19. Other Pure/Spanish/Mixed Gaited Gaited Champ/Res Foals 20. All foals Foal Champ/Res Overall Custom Champ/Res PERFORMANCE** (OF & AR/CM show together) ** All performance entries must provide documentation (Western) 1. Western Pleasure 2. Cutting/Cattle Work 3. Western Trail 4. Western Games 5. Other Western Performance Champ/Res (Other) 6. Harness 7. Other Other Performance 8 Arabian Costume 9. Other Costume/Parade 10. Performance MEDALLIONS (those that show saddle/bridle/riders) Champ/Res (English) 11. English Pleasure 12. Dressage 13. Jumping/Cross Country 14. Hunter Over Fences 15. Other English Champ/Res​ (Mini Scale) 16. MINI scale Western Pleasure 17. MINI scale all other Western Perf 18. MINI scale English U/S 19. MINI scale English O/F 20. MINI scale Other Performance Champ/Res Overall Performance Champ/Res MICRO Mini Scale Division (Artist Editions) 1. Micro Light Purebreds 2. Micro Light Mixed Breeds Micro-Mini Light Breed Champ/Res 3. Micro Sport Breeds & Sport Mixes 4. Micro Spanish/Iberian & Mixes 5. Micro Carriage Breeds & Mixes Micro-Mini Sport/Spanish Champ/Res 6. Micro Stock Purebreds (solid colors) 7. Micro Stock Appaloosa 8. Micro Stock Paint 9. Micro Other Stock (includes Mustangs)/Mixed Micro-Mini Stock Champ/Res 10. Micro Ponies (Solid) 11. Micro Ponies (Patterned) Micro-Mini Pony Champ/Res 12. Micro Draft Breeds (Pure) 13. Micro Longears & Mixed Draft 14. Micro All Cobs/Vanners Micro-Mini Draft/Longear Champ/Res 15. Micro Gaited Breeds 16. Micro Spanish Gaited Breeds Micro-Mini Gaited Champ/Res 17. Micro Stock Breed Foals 18. Micro All Other Foals Micro-Mini Foal Champ/Res ​19. Micro Medallions Overall Champ/Res Micro Mini Stablemate/Curio Scale Division (AR, CM & OF judged separately - same classlist for each) 1. SM Arabian & Crosses(NSH goes in #22) 2. SM Morgan 3. SM TB/Standardbred 4. SM Other Light Breeds SM Light Champ/Res 5. SM Euro Warmbloods 6. SM Other Sport Breeds (pure) 7. SM Sport Mixes SM Sport Champ/Res 8. SM Spanish/Iberian 9. SM Carriage Breeds SM Spanish/Carriage Champ/Res 10. SM Stock - QH 11. SM Stock - Appaloosa 12. SM Stock - Paint 13. SM Stock - Mustangs 14. SM Stock - Mixed breeds SM Stock Champ/Res 15. SM Ponies (Solid) 16. SM Ponies (Patterned) SM Pony Champ/Res 17. SM Draft Breeds - Clyde/Shire & Crosses of 18. SM Draft - All Other Purebreds 19. SM Draft - All Other Draft Mixes 20. SM All Cobs/Vanners 21. SM Longears SM Draft Champ/Res 22. SM ASB/NSH 23. SM TWH 24. SM Spanish/Other Gaited SM Gaited Champ/Res 25. SM Stock Breed Foals 26. SM All Other Foals SM Foal Champ/Res Overall Champ/Res SM ​ YOUTH CLASSLIST: 1. Arab & Part Arab 2. Morgan 3. TB/WB 4. ASB/TWH/American Gaited 5. Other Light/Gaited breed (includes Spanish gaited) or Mix 6. QH 7. Paint 8. Mustang 9. Other/Mixed Stock 10. Spanish Breeds (non-gaited) 11. Ponies 12. Draft or Mule 13. English Performance 14. Western Performance 15. Parade/Costume/Historical Scene 16. Other Performance 17. Custom by owner 18. Custom by other 19. Never Won a Blue Ribbon 20. My Favorite Horse

  • 1918 Shady Grove Road, Irmo, SC 29063, United States